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  •  - Sultana (Steamboat)

  • In 2017 the documentary "Remember The Sultana" was released detailing the maritime disaster.  Director Mark Marshall and starring Ray Appleton, Mackenzie Astin, Sean Astin. 


This video is of a talk that Gene Salecker gave at the Sultana meeting in 2017 in Franklin, Tennessee. In the talk. Gene presents his research about the Sultana and his updated numbers of Sultana victims and survivors -- not the 1,800 that many have been led to believe! He also talks about the latest acquisitions for the Sultana Museum, which will be in Marion, Arkansas.

This video is of a talk that Gene Salecker gave at the Pike County All Wars Museum in June, 2019. 

In this video, historian, author and member of the Sultana Association talks about the Sultana explosion and tragedy. As Jerry explains and as you likely know, the explosion is a story driven by worst of human nature: greed and hubris. It is also a story of the best of humane nature: humanity and the provision of aid to those in need, regardless of enimity that might exist.

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